Essential Tips on Buying a Meat Grinder for Bulk Food Prep


Meat grinders are a fantastic tool for anyone interested in entering the world of bulk food preparation. The advent of the make-ahead meal movement is all about removing the middle man and saving you tons of time and money by thinking about the big picture. Here are some invaluable tips to help you choose the best meat grinder to aid in your bulk preparation projects.

Avoid Manual Grinders

First and foremost, it’s important to note that manual meat grinders are almost certainly out of the question when it comes to bulk food preparation. Though these models are more affordable and take up less space, the amount of effort required to really achieve the high-quantity output that comes with bulking would leave you better off just spending the money on pre-prepared foods instead. You don’t want to spend hours and hours hand grinding your beef or chicken since you’re going to have dozens of pounds of meat to work through, so an electric grinder is definitely the way to go.

Think About Your Overall Goals

You need to be very methodical about what your long term, overall goals are when it comes to your bulk preparation. It’s very easy to get overzealous and move forward too fast, which can end up causing you to waste a lot of time and money. If you only plan on basic bulking practices, like creating and freezing your own hamburger patties a few weeks in advance, then you can aim for a less powerful model. On the other hand, if you know that you’re going to extend the bulking to the four-legged members of your family and grind bone-in meats for your pets, then you definitely want a more powerful unit. A little bit of planning always goes a long way when it comes to bulk preparation.

Check the Power Rating

Look for a meat grinder with a motor that is over 1000 watts, since these models are going to be able to give you enough power to handle the taxing work that comes from bulk grinding. Moving to over 2000 watts can be tempting, but unless you’re going to be working with massive quantities of meat (like if you are hunting and preparing your game for actual consumption), then it’s not necessary. Also, if you know you’re only going to be using boneless standard meats, a grinder with a lower power rating can work, but it will just take you longer to grind it all up.

Stainless Steel and Cleaning

After doing all the hard work of bulk grinding your meats, you’re definitely not going to want to face the hassle of a hard-to-clean model. Make sure the cutting blades and as much of the other removable components are made of stainless steel, as they are the easiest to clean and most durable. Properly cleaning your grinder is incredibly important, since any leftover meat or organic materials can cause harmful bacteria to grow, as well as wear away at the machine itself.

Closing Advice

Remember that meat grinders aren’t just for grinding meat, as many models will also allow you to grind vegetables, create sausage, or even make pasta. Exploring the other possible uses of your meat grinder can really help you take your bulk preparation game to the next level.